Shipping weight cannot exceeded 5000lbs - Please call 406.656.2253 to place your order.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a different paint color on my cattle guards?

  • Answer - Yes. Custom colors are available at additional cost. Please contact one of our customer service specialists for color and pricing information at 406.656.2253


Why are the steel bars on your cattle guards square instead of round?

  • Answer - Our cattle guards have been designed, engineered and fabricated to maintain their rigid form. When our engineers compared round steel pipe bars and square steel tube bars, they found that round pipe deformed, bent, and failed faster than the square steel tube bars. The wall thickness combined with the rectangular shape provide more resistance to deforming or bending. We trust our engineers.


How do I know the exact length cattle guard to order?

  • Answer - If you are unsure of the length required for your cattle guard, please call one of our experienced customer service specialists and they will walk you through selecting the correct length based on your specific site information.


How are your cattle guards different from one I could have a contractor make using common tube steel?

  • Answer - All our cattle guards, or cattle grids, are manufactured in one of our AISC certified facilities in a controlled environment utilizing Grade 50 steel. Every connection weld point goes through our rigorous QC check and inspection process. Our cattle guards meet the highest standards required by the United States Bureau of Land Management “BLM” and United States Forest Service “USFS”.


Why can't I order products that weight more than 5000 lbs through the website?

  • Answer - To ensure the lowest shipping rates possible, our shipping specialists can get the best rates in real time for orders weighing over 5000 lbs. based on the exact delivery location. 


Will I need any type of special equipment to unload my cattle guards from the delivery truck?

  • Answer - Yes. Customer is responsible to provide all required equipment to safely offload your cattle guard order. 


Why can't I order concrete bases from the website?

  • Answer - Please inquire about our concrete base options by contacting one of our customer service specialists at 406.656.2253


Why not just make your own cattle guard using drill stem tubing or other tubing? 

  • Answer - Round tubing does not have the same load carrying capacity and this is why cattle guards made from tubing usually bend. Also, round tubing creates a much rougher ride when crossing.”


What kinds of vehicle loads can cattle guards carry?

  • Answer - USFS cattle guards come in standard configuration designed to carry HS-20 44 loads. This load as it would apply to a cattle guard is similar to an HL-93 live load. This means they are able to carry a normal, highway legal truck load and livestock trailers. Other heavy construction vehicle loads may cause damage to the cattle guard. USFS cattle guards can also be supplied to carry logging trucks (U80 live load). Inquire for pricing and availability.


What are the standard configurations for BLM? 

  • Answer - BLM cattle guards come in standard configuration designed to carry HS-20 44 live loads.


Do cattle guards need to be supported by some type of foundation? 

  • Answer - The objective when placing a cattle guard is to create a void or space beneath. Remember that this void will fill in with debris and soil over time some make it deep enough to account for this. Maybe 12’ to 18”. Installation of cattle guards usually requires placement of some sort of foundation on either side of the cattle guard in the driving direction (opposite sides from those contacting the fence). These foundations can be railroad ties, concrete footers or even steel beams. We can supply precast concrete bases but come with a high freight cost. If you wish to contact a precaster to source these, we can supply drawings.  The width of these foundations are a function of the strength of the underlying soil or gravel. Placing the cattle guard directly on compacted gravel is possible but the stability of that gravel dictates the stability of the cattle guard.